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Tuesday, December 12, 2017

There is help for those addicted to drugs

     Addiction is an issue that affects people everywhere in the Mountain State. Deaths occur every day because people overdose on drugs or are involved in alcohol-induced crashes. However, this serious problem of addiction doesn’t only apply to drugs. Sexually explicit material and technology are also among the growing list of things that people can become addicted to. People who are trying to break their addiction often wonder how they are supposed to be able to accomplish it, especially if they’ve reached a point where attempting to stop has severe ramifications both physically and mentally.

     The first step to stopping is to admit there is an addiction, something many cannot do, convincing themselves they remain in control even past the point where the drug has hijacked their bodies. Many doctors agree that admitting there is a problem is a huge step on the road to recovery. “Admitting that you have a problem is a huge step on the road to recovery,” one B-UHS teacher said, “but admitting there’s a problem is not all you need to do.”

     A strong will goes a long way in recovering from addiction. The strong-willed person is more likely to stick with trying to stop their addiction than give up on their efforts. A junior said, “My cousin is addicted to methamphetamine. If he would just get up and try to stick to his recovery efforts, he could break his addiction and be a functioning member of society.”

     Recovery programs are another measure an addict can take to get off their addictions. In the state of West Virginia, addiction centers are few and far in between. The centers that do exist do not have enough beds to cover all the addicts in West Virginia. “It’s a shame that there aren’t enough centers for the thousands of people in the state that have drug addiction problems,” said one sophomore. “I really think they could benefit from it.” 

     Each addict has a different story and a different level of addiction. Each struggle is a very real and personal one, one that affects not only the lives of the abuser, but the lives of those around them. With these tips, those lost to that terrible existence might be able to find themselves again; they might be able to return to who they once were. It is the wish of the students at Buckhannon-Upshur High School that any suffering from drug addiction will be reversed and those afflicted by it might prosper. Good luck to all addicts out there fighting the battle for recovery.

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