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Saturday, September 9, 2017

Website Poll

     Every quarter, the B-UHS Journalism class publishes a newsletter that they pass out to students around the school. These newsletters consist of articles written by the student journalists, compiled to showcase the students’ work and provide information to the student body. However, since these only come out once every quarter, many might wonder where they can find the most recent and developing stories. This is where our website, Destination Information, comes in.

     The journalism website updates frequently, adding new pieces as they’re submitted, with the goal of satisfying the search for school and local news while waiting for the quarterly development. To keep things interesting, the website also features an information panel of upcoming events throughout the school year, links to school-related websites, and a poll, which is updated weekly.   

     This week, to get the ball rolling, a simple question was asked. “What is your favorite color?” It wasn’t a particularly interesting question, but was meant to serve as a base for the polls. This poll is important to the site and the school because it allows students to respond to various prompts throughout the year and see how they compare to other students. The responses were few, because not many know about the site yet, as it is in its infancy and was only recently put online. They were: 1 blue, 2 pinks, and 1 red. Other colors, which were not voted on, were yellow, purple, orange and green.

     Among some people asked their familiarity with the website were Lindsay Cutlip, Brittany Bonner, and Shayla Mackey. Lindsay replied, saying she’d heard of it before, and the other two didn’t know it existed. Because the site isn’t yet well-known, the same question was asked to students in person. These results: 7 blues, 3 greens, 1 pink, 3 purples, 2 reds, and 1 yellow. The only one not chosen in person was orange, which makes it the only unanimously least favorite color.

     Tallying the votes, there were 8 blues, 3 greens, 3 pinks, 3 purples, 3 reds, and 1 yellow. Other than the outliers, yellow and blue, the population seemed to be split of which color was the favorite. However, this is a small sample of the student population, and does not necessarily reflect the overall school’s opinion.

     Shayla wanted to share what she thought could make this new site and the poll feature better. She thought things that would help to provide for the school would be effective in gathering support, and as for questions to ask, “How do you learn best?”

     Especially in this early stage, it’s important everyone knows how to get to this website, because not many are informed on how to access it. Mrs. Miller, when asked, said she didn’t know how to find it or even what the name was. As part of the effort to reduce this lack of knowledge, student journalists are being asked to tell the students they interview about this site and its poll, and teachers are also being asked to have classroom-wide discussions about it. Hopefully, through this promotion, the poll will be littered with input and the students’ opinions heard.

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