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Saturday, September 9, 2017

“Lord of the Flies” remake

     The Lord of the Flies is coming back, but this time it’s a little different. In the original book and movie, the humans stranded on the island are boys. The new remake of this movie will feature girls instead. Jacob Loudin, a student, says, “I read the book and enjoyed it, so I can't wait to watch the movie.”

     There have been two Lord of the Flies movies so far. The first was produced in 1963 and the second in 1990. Both movies were based on the book written by William Golding in 1954. “I think it is a great idea and will get a lot of views just because it changes the story a little. I read the book and thoroughly enjoyed it, so I can't wait to watch the remake,” says Caroline Fluke.

     The new movie’s writer, David Siegel, says they are keeping the same idea and concept of the former movies, just with girls this time. Siegel also says this movie is still important today because of the amount of bullying that goes on between girls. “Now that it has girls, they will be able to show how girls treat each other. Hopefully the girls in the movie will be able to get over their differences and work together.”

     Siegel isn't sure when the movie will premiere, but he says he is excited to see how everything works out, and how the public reacts to it. 

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