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Saturday, September 9, 2017

B-U’s football team wins first game

     On Friday, August 25th, Buckhannon-Upshur’s football team beat Princeton in their first game of the season. Quarterback Ryan Strader (#16) said the whole team worked together and showed good effort throughout the entire game. This was a tough game that required hard effort to come from the players, and they gave it their all. The team came out with a score of 20-19, with Strader scoring two touch-downs and Casey Hamner (#34) scoring one.

     "Yes, it was a great game, but the team needs to work on their tackling,” stated Jaryn Moore (#64). It seems like it wasn’t a very easy game and they did make a few mistakes, but the teammates tried their best and kept their heads in the game. It was only the first game, and there’s still lots of improvement to be made before the team reaches peak performance.

     Jordan Weston (#52) also commented, "We all played as a team, like the brothers we are, and came out with a win.” You’re off to a marvelous start B-U, keep it up!

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