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Saturday, September 9, 2017

2017 B-UHS girls' soccer team expectations

     The B-UHS girls' soccer team has had a lot of changes, from losing an assistant coach last year to having a very young team this year. There was some conversation with the players about their expectations for this season and what they hope to accomplish. Mckinley Gaudet said, "I feel like we are young but we have a lot of talent. I think that we can be successful this season."

     Another player, Lauren Bennett said, "My hope for this year is to get past sectionals."

     There are always challenges on every team. "I think our biggest challenge this year is that we have a smaller team than most other teams, but our speed makes up for it,” Mckinley Gaudet stated. Mckinley and Lauren both agreed that their main weakness is how young and sometimes inexperienced the team is at times, but their speed and their skill strength makes up for it.

     Aside from the sport itself, being on a team is supposed to be a fun experience. "Being with my friends is definitely the best part about being on this team,” Leighann Bennett claimed. Lauren and McKinley, seniors, also stated that they have played ever since their parents signed them up when they were four years old. They affirmed that they are very glad they’ve stuck with it until and throughout high school. 

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